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Buying a Sex Doll ? Here are 9 reasons why you should NOT feel ashamed about it

Tiffany - Sexy Doll

When purchasing a sex doll the only thing you should be feeling is WHERE to purchase it and HOW much to pay for it.  Not feeling ashamed for WHY you purchasing one.

Heather - Best Sex Dolls for Men

I felt the need to write this article because some people feel guilty about this very private choice.

When we expanded our business from selling department store style mannequins to include sex doll mannequins on our sister site, some people gave us the side-eye as if were now doing something taboo.  (Note: all mannequins are about “fantasy” since they are never proportioned to look like real people).

 Plus some of our previous customers who now wanted to buy a sex doll from us, felt embarrassed asking questions about how  to “play” with them.

Raven - Voluptuous Sex Doll

So in addition to the FAQ I wrote about how to “play” with our sex dolls I felt the need to write this post so people can feel good, not ambivalent, about their purchase.

 Here are 10 reasons (in no particular order)

 1 There is no risk of a sexual transmitted disease (to her or to you)

 2 You are not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal

 3 There is no chance of an unwanted pregnancy

4 There will be no complaints or judgments about your performance

5 You get to practice new sexual techniques on a willing subject

6 If you played with a GI Joe doll when you were young most likely that was about war and violence, but this was deemed acceptable. Playing with a doll on the opposite end of the spectrum - erotic pleasure should be acceptable as well.


7 You having a willing partner any time you want. No whining to listen to and no wining/dining needed to get her to cooperate 

 8 What you do in the privacy of your own home is no one’s business - as long as it is not illegal or involves a minor

 9 There are mental health benefits for adult play and using your imagination and creativity. 

 Ready to buy?  If this is your first purchase we highly recommend you buy a sex doll that is mid-range in price. (Between $400-$800) That way you get the experience of playing with something life like and with all the key features.

 Then you can decide if you want some of the more expensive models which cost several thousand dollars. Check our mid-priced  voluptuous  sex dolls here and if you prefer a barely legal looking sex doll, we have these Lolita style.