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Italy’s First Sex Doll Brothel Opens, Fully Booked For Weeks (Yes, WEEKS!)

The city of Torino in Italy has become home to the first Italian sex doll brothel.

First Italian Sex Doll

The establishment named LumiDolls Torino opened on Monday and has become so popular that it’s been fully sold out for weeks. With prices from about $93 for 30 minutes with a silicon lover, guests can pick which “prostitute” they would like to spend time with from the brothel’s collection of seven females and one male.

According to the company, customers can also pick position they would like to find their doll lying in. “The positions that they can take are many, almost all those of Kamasutra,” the company said.

A Private room equipped with a bed, a bathroom and a TV for watching Pornographic movies is provided for customers according to reports. Though customers aren’t allowed to take the dolls in the shower because the dolls “are not able to stand on their own.”

LumiDolls’ Torino location follows its success with sex doll brothels in Barcelona and Moscow. The concept continues to grow across Europe and the world, with North America’s first sex doll brothel set to open in Toronto later this month.