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Before you Buy A Sex Doll

For details on having sex with your sex doll please see our FAQ .


There are some very expensive sex dolls on the market, some made our of silicone in the likeness of popular porn stars and cost thousands of dollars.  And there are vinyl inflatable Sex Dolls that cost under $100 a little more than a life sized balloon with a mouth. 

When deciding how much to pay for a sex doll, it is similar to buying a car.  There are budget cars, mid-range cars and luxury cars. They all have the same basic equipment. But there is a huge difference in the quality and caliber of materials, style, durability and comfort level.

Decide what is a "must have" and what is a "nice to have" and your maximum budget. Then buy from a reputable vendor. Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers in this industry (at every price point) so buy from a U.S. based company with a good reputation. 

Our sex dolls are mid-range in price and with maximum value. We also offer various torso's which gives you a budget friendly way to see if you enjoy sex with a sex doll.