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For details about what materials our Sex Dolls are made of read this

Here are the top 10 questions people ask about Sex Dolls 

1 Can I put my penis inside the sex doll?

Each mannequin has a vaginal and anal opening. In the description of the mannequin we post  the depth of both of these orifices so you can determine whether or not your penis will be too big, too small or just right. 

2 Is the inside of the vagina smooth or rough?

It is a little bit of both. Some people say it is kinda like a sleeve, some people say it is kinda textured. Depends upon how sensitive your penis is. 

3 Can I take a shower with the sex doll?

Yes, but be careful. If you get water between the head and the neck the water will seep in between the TPE and the steel skeleton. This will eventually cause rust, mold or mildew throughout the insides. 

4 How long will my doll last? 

Depends upon how frequently the doll gets used and in what positions and how intense your sessions are. Also the doll should be kept clean and stored within a reasonable range of temperatures. There could be cracking or warping under extreme hot or cold conditions. For example, a hot attic without ventilation or air conditioning in the summer months is not the ideal place for your doll.

5 Can the mannequin be manipulated in all kinds sexual positions? 

Yes but we suggest you put the sex doll a bed, couch, sofa or desk. Although they can stand, their standing feet are not that stable when moving.  Also do not bend their legs beyond a 90 degree angle.

Although they look realistic, they are still a doll and the wire frame can bend or break. When in doubt, go-slow and check for any signs of damage before you proceed.

6 Can the sex doll give a blow job?

Their mouths do open, some wider that others. We have the depth of the mouth listed in the description. Most men are not able to put their entire penis in her mouth, but enough to get satisfied. You'll want to use some lubricant. You'll never have to worry about your dolls gag reflex, whether she gets a stiff neck or how she'll react when you finish.

7 Can I cum inside my sex doll?

Well you won't have to worry but getting your sex doll pregnant!  But since TPE skin is more porous than silicone, you need to clean all her orifices after every use to prevent the growth of bacteria. 

8 What lubricants shall I use? 

Always choose a water-based lubricant. Oil-based or silicone-based lubricants can damage your dolls, and cause staining. KY Jelly in Astroglide are two examples of water-based lubricants.

Apply lubricants any place that you intend to penetrate. Just don't go overboard. If you attempt to use too many things will get sticky and messy quickly.  If you think you need a bit more lubrication, try adding just a tiny amount of warm water instead. This can reactivate the lubricant and is often all you need.

9 Do I need special tools or skills to assemble the Sex Doll?

Nope. All you have to do is attach her head, which screws on.

10 Are they heavy?

Not as heavy as a real woman would be. The weight varies and is listed in the description. But the average weight is about 60 pounds. However the box the sex doll arrives in will be heavier do the packing materials.